17-18-19 april 2020

To celebrate hackerspace.gent and the hacker community once a year, we organize the "Newline" hacker conference in the spring. A newline character marks the end of a line and moves the cursor to the next one. It's a sign of progress and it gives you a whole new line to be filled. Lets join for some short accessible talks, warm food, cold beer and Club Mate. Why would you come? Glad you asked. It is an excellent opportunity to learn cool stuff and meet new people.
It's peer-organised, free (as in access and in speech) and, quite frankly, we'd love you to show up.

the 1010th edition

We're kidding, thats binary for "10".

For the 10th year, 30+ volunteers are preparing the gathering that is Newline. In that 10 years the hackerspace has grown, shrunk, grown, shrunk and grown again. Friends have been made, enemies have been liquidated (jk). People have learned, shared, loved..., and one guy programming LED strips almost died last year. No need to tell that anything can happen at Newline.

The 10th edition - or the 1010th edition if you prefer binary notation (and some software developers do) - takes place in our jubilee year. We aim to make this a special one, and will try to do some stunts to make it unforgettable

Get your nerd out.

With great Newline comes great responsability.

The hacker community is a diverse one. We welcome people from all walks of life, and we promote mutual respect. Whether you identify as a grape, wear a tail or are a time traveller, feel welcome! Anything goes. Come talk about your ketchup addiction, show off your ballet moves or come tell us why you should be the next president of the cheese club.

We are an open forum, a listening audience. We love technology but we sure would also love to learn more about any kind of hobby you might have. If you need space or resources or a room filled with people, just let us know through the participation form you'll find linked on this page.


A unique event

In a unique environment

Unfortunatly, the exact location of Newline 2020 has not been confirmed yet, but we'll make sure it isn't too far off the beaten path.

There was space for more text here, but we drank too much Club Mate and are now off having fun with dry ice bombs. Please check back later, something will probably appear later on when we have been able to concentrate. BOOM!


It takes real planning to organize this kind of chaos.

If you are wondering why there is no detailed schedule yet..

It's because we are looking for passionate people that want to share their knowledge and experience! Fill in our CFP!

Prepare for launch...

  • Retro Gaming
  • Music Demo's
  • Party
  • Beer & Social
17APRIL 2020

3,2,1,... LIFTOFF !

  • Presentations & Talks
  • Workshops
  • Lightning Talks
  • Beer & Social
18APRIL 2020


  • Presentations & Talks
  • Workshops
  • Beer & Social
19APRIL 2020

Optional activities

Will maybe take place, depending on generated interest.

Belgian Championship Heads or Tails

Only once before the Championship Heads or Tails took place, in 2015. We aim to continue this tradition in 2020. It is a celebration of randomness and useless statistics, so let's do it! Sign-up coming soon

RFID implant party

Whether it's biohacking or not can be disputed. But it is a fact that new technologies are available at our fingertips, literally! If more than 10 people would like to implant an RFID or NFC chip into their hands, we will try to contact a certified party to come and place them! Depending on popularity the price will be 50-100 euro's. Come back later for more details. Sign-up coming soon

Capture the flag

If you need to hack, you hack! So lets (try to) hack our CTF setup.


Because we can't do it alone.
  • Clients
  • Clients
  • Clients
  • Clients

We never wait. We breathe. We pulse. We regenerate. Our hearts beat. Our minds create. Our souls ingest. 37 seconds, well used, is a lifetime.