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Interwebz for all!


TeamInternet is a special interest group focussed on bringing a great internet experience into whitespace. In order to avoid endless mail and Thursday discussions, this special interest group will create a solution for everyone, if you are interested in joining, ping us.

What kind of internet connection do we have right now?

Right now we have telenet cable connection with traffic caps, blocked well-known-ports but decent speed. The costs are around 40€ (can smbdy confirm?)

What do we want?

  • no traffic caps
  • fast download and upload
  • no blocked ports
  • good cost/service ratio
  • native IPv6 would be cool!
  • ... (add your own)

The market

A couple of month ago, Tom started a nice spreadsheet with available options. This is a great base to go further. Let's update the doc w/ the latest offerings!

Who is interested?

  • fs111
  • tazo
  • sandb, +1 no blocked ports, +1 no caps
  • ... you?

When do we start?

I (fs111) think as soon as we are the official rentees of the space, not earlier, to avoid confusions.

LAN: reserverd for dn42 routers:

*  -> router
*  -> dn42 router
*  -> dn42
*  -> dn42 HSB
*  -> reserved for dn42 peering
*  -> reserved for dn42 peering
*  -> reserved for dn42 peering
*  -> reserved for dn42 peering
*  -> reserved for dn42 peering
* -> reserved for dn42 peering -> reserved for fixed ip's:

* -> beagleboard
* -> 0x20-AP-ch3
* -> 0x20-AP-ch9
* -> free
* -> free
* -> free
* -> free
* -> free
* -> free
* -> free
* -> audio system (via dhcp)
* ...
* -> free -> dhcp range -> fixed ip via dhcp for accessible in dn42

Register IP in the DHCP

  • Login to dhcp server: If you don't have access, put your pubkey on your user page on the wiki and notify somebody who has already access.
  • You need the MAC address of the device you want to add (Hint: ifconfig | ipconfig /all | ip -0 addr)
  • Config is in /etc/dnsmasq.conf
  • Add entry at:
# IP - Fixed IP's - Document on the wiki 'TeamInternet' page

UTP Cabling in the space

All Ethernet cables are (going to be) connected to the patch panel in our rack. Here you have a scematic of how our cables are numbered.

Network numbering in Whitespace

For the time being only the circled numbers are present. The double circled are present and effectively connected to the patch panel already. This is an ongoing process cables will probably be installed as needed.

The cable guy is connected to port 60 on the patch panel.