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* -> steveo                      --> via dhcp
* -> steveo                      --> via dhcp
* -> free
* -> free
* -> Shizzlebox
* ...
* -> Powerbook G4 iMarkt
* -> Powerbook G4 iMarkt
* -> Shizzlebox
* ...
* ...
* -> LaserJet4                    --> via dhcp
* -> LaserJet4                    --> via dhcp

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Team Internet
Building the network!
Koenraad, Jaroslov, Bert, Fs111
Interwebz for all!



TeamInternet is a special interest group focussed on bringing a great internet experience into whitespace. In order to avoid endless mail and Thursday discussions, this special interest group will create a solution for everyone, if you are interested in joining, ping us.


We plan to have two Internet uplinks in Whitespace. One wired DSL connection through the ISP Dommel and one wireless connection to the Wireless Antwerp network.


After discussing multiple options, we decided to go with Dommel: fast access, cheap, no caps, no ports blocked. We went with the lower cost - lower speed option, with the idea that, if we want more, we can always upgrade.

Note: We are currently not using anything of the web- and mailservice below.

Connection details:

adsl-number 100987582393
news-server: news.dommel.be
news-login: xxx@schedom.be
news-pass: xxx
pop3-server: pop.dommel.be
smtp-server: relay.dommel.be
webmail: webmail.dommel.be

Advanced modem/router settings:

protocol: rfc 2684 (aka 1483) multi-protocol over atm (bridged or routed)
vpi/vci: 8/35
ipaddress: automatic/dhcp
encapsulation: llc
password: not needed

web- and mailservice:

Your personal homepage at http://yourchoice.dommel.be has not yet been activated. To activate, login at https://crm.schedom-europe.net with username "info@0x20.be" and password "xxx". Click on "My Packages" -> Click on the "E" at the right of your adsl-account. You can configure your @dommel.be emailaccounts by clicking on the "O".

If you have any questions, please first check our support pages at https://crm.schedom-europe.net (click on "online faq"). If you cannot find an answer to your questions here, you can open a ticket at https://crm.schedom-europe.net (click on "support-desk"), or contact us by telephone every workingday between 09.00 and 18.00 (+32 70 224 305) or by fax (+32 70 224 305).

Wireless Antwerpen

Since the installation of the Wireless Antwerp access-point on the Belgacom tower we now have line of sight to this wireless network.

To make the connection we have a NanoStation M5. This is installed in the far corner of the slightly higher part of the roof of our building. Power is supplied through POE. The POE cable must be connected to the port on the NanoStation labelled main. The NanoStation can be configured through a web-interface.

The link to Wireless Antwerpen on the roof is now live. We have a policy
routing setup where addresses in range automatically go out
via the WA link, and everything else via the regular Dommel link. You can
reach machines in the WA internal network from the regular LAN range,
however this still needs a bit of tuning.

Addresses in that new range are not yet given out by the DHCP server, but
they will be as soon as we get this set up. The idea is that we'll put
"known" MAC addresses (see Pamela) in the Dommel range, and visitors get on
the WO link. So we'll also be doing a "guest" WIFI network for this. Of
course, you can give yourself an IP address in this range (.1 is the soekris).

The dn42 link is down. The quagga on the soekris cannot handle BGP in more
than one AS, and both dn42 and WA need us to use specific ASNs. If anyone
still needs dn42, a fix will need to be found.

It's all a bit much for the soekris... we really need to replace it with
something that has 1) more CPU, and 2) more ports. We'll need a minimum of 4
ethernet ports. This will require some investment though.


Username/Password: ubnt/ubnt
SSID: wirelessgent-bgc5


  • dns: 0x20.dyndns.info
  • runs on soekris:
    • apt-get install ddclient
    • check /etc/ddclient.conf
    • login: hackerspacebxl

LAN: reserverd for dn42 routers:

*  -> VIAboard OpenWRT (00:0D:B4:04:D2:D5)
*  -> dn42 router
*  -> dn42 tomato.0x20.be
*  -> dn42 HSB
*  -> reserved for dn42 peering
*  -> reserved for dn42 peering
*  -> reserved for dn42 peering
*  -> reserved for dn42 peering
*  -> reserved for dn42 peering
* -> routerboard openvpn test ip -> reserved for fixed ip's:

* -> gatekeeper (beagleboard)     --> via dhcp
* -> 0x20-AP-ch3
* -> 0x20-AP-ch9
* -> soekris
* -> AP-dlink
* -> sipura                       --> via dhcp
* -> table                        --> via dhcp
* -> TS server                    --> via dhcp
* -> steveo                       --> via dhcp
* -> free
* ...
* -> Powerbook G4 iMarkt
* -> Shizzlebox
* ...
* -> LaserJet4                    --> via dhcp
* -> audio system                 --> via dhcp
* ...
* -> free -> dhcp range -> openvpn range -> fixed ip via dhcp for accessible in dn42

Register IP in the DHCP

  • Login to dhcp server: If you don't have access, put your pubkey on your user page on the wiki and notify somebody who has already access.
  • You need the MAC address of the device you want to add (Hint: ifconfig | ipconfig /all | ip -0 addr)
  • Config is in /etc/dnsmasq.conf
  • Add entry at:
# IP - Fixed IP's - Document on the wiki 'TeamInternet' page

UTP Cabling in the space

All Ethernet cables are (going to be) connected to the patch panel in our rack. Here you have a schematic of how our cables are numbered.

Network numbering in Whitespace

For the time being only the circled numbers are present. The double circled are present and effectively connected to the patch panel already. This is an ongoing process cables will probably be installed as needed.

The cable guy is connected to port 60 on the patch panel.


  • info: www.dn42.net
  • we are connected (peering with hsbxl for the moment)
  • hsbxl:
  • fix dns