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Meeting 04/03/2011

We want to have the t-shirt ready by Newline. So the design needs to be ready by Sunday noon and on Monday morning we will order. We will meet on Friday evening to fix it.

This design intentually left blank: Ts.jpg

Design Idea from Koenraad

Crude sketch of idea, need some with inkscape skills to complete it.


(original svg: Media: Unicorn.svg)


Back: Whitespace logo

Horse svg from Openclipart.org

Sandb proposal: Unfinished projects


Download svg project (created with Inkscape): File:Unfinished-projects.tar.gz

Sandb proposal: A hackerspace in Ghent

With a unicorn. 4 Koenraad!!


Download svg project (created with Inkscape): File:A-hackerspace-in-ghent.tar.gz