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There is some stuff, we need or could make use of, if you want to donate it, please let us know:

  • Basic stuff
    • cleaning stuff
      • broom
      • bucket
      • "dweil"
      • sponges
      • dust-bin
    • a working vacuumcleaner: (Standard?) bags for the vacuum cleaner (brand: friac, model: unknown)
    • Garbage
      • garbage bag holder (at least two)
      • black bags for non-pmd (city bags not required; we should get cheap ones)
      • blue bags for pmd (city bags not required; we should get cheap ones)
      • First Aid kit
    • ...
  • hackerspacey stuff
    • soldering iron (2 already present now, more are welcome)
    • bench power supplies (and fuses for the one we got)
    • function generator
    • network switches (one 5 port switch present)
    • dremel
    • video / web camera('s)
    • pc: miniumum P4, the less noise the better ;-)
    • 15" TFT
    • Drill/Drill press(colonboor)
    • Sheet shears (bladschaar)
    • Various small tools
    • Various cables (banana plugs, crocodile, power chords, BNC, serial, etc..)
    • ...

Stuf we got