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twitter feed gets displayed on 4x40 splitflaps


Microcontroller: Netduino chip. By the end of November 2013 we need to know how much time & money we need to finish the project

People involved: - Merlijn. created the circuit boards and programmed a part

People to work on the project: - Thijs - Bert - Michael

status: driver boards are ready. H-bridge driver, it feeds +24V and -12V to advance one step.
Driver boards tested at 12V. At 12V the driver is not reliable enough to advance the flappers. Boards are 24V compatible.
1 Flapper is 5W. So we can't drive all flappers at once.
Driver boards are on an SPI bus. These are connected to a Netduino. Merlijn wrote code & GUI to control the Netduino.
Flappers have steppermotors. 1 step moves 1 flap. Unknown begin position of the flappers. You can't check their position.
There's some wear on the flappers. It's not certain if we need the position checker to make it reliable. Possible solution is a webcam with OCR to check the position of the flappers. We have to check this with the customer.
Wiring all the zero sensors is a lot of work; its uncertain wether they work anymore. 160x 4 wires = a lot.
Driver boards are only with SPI expanders.
We need to run a statistical test, let them change steps for a few hours. See if all flappers end at the same position. If we get the statistical correctness, we can expolate this to 160 flappers, to see the possibility of errors.
The board has a zero sensor and a chip on it. Somebody needs to research how this chip works, and if there's an easy way to interface it.

- figure out zero position thing - find somebody to OCR the flappers. contact customer if placing a webcam is physically possible