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The big space control


  • Lights can be switched using a web interface and regular light switches.
  • Roofs can be opened and closed.
  • Redundant: if the Arduino fails, the light switches remain working.


What we have available

  • A little under 100 industrial relays (Piet)
  • Industrial electricity cabinet (Piet)
  • Diodes and NPN heavy-duty switching transistors. (Koen)
  • Cover for the big electrical cabinet (jaroslav)

Thanks to all who have contributed hardware!

What we need

  • More electrical cable




The schematic to control just one lamp.


Relay layout

This layout is identical to the actual layout in the cabinet. Drawing coming soon.

Top row
Relay # Relay 00 Relay 01 Relay 10 Relay 11 Relay 20 Relay 21 Relay 30 Relay 31
Controlled by Switch Arduino Switch Arduino Switch Arduino Switch Arduino
Controles Light Light Roof
Notes Specially wired
Middle row
Relay # Relay 40 Relay 41 Relay 50 Relay 51 Relay 60 Relay 61 Relay 70 Relay 71
Controlled by Switch Arduino Switch Arduino Switch Arduino Switch Arduino
Notes no transistor installed no transistor installed

Wiring color codes

Lesson learned: adding new colors on the fly will result in chaos:

Color Function Notes
Brow 220VAC L1
Grey 220VAC L1 switched for outputs
White 220VAC N
Blue +24VDC except immediately at main 220VAC input
Red +5VDC for Arduino inputs
Black Ground light switches switch ground
UTP cable I/O for Arduino


It's the one with the GREY tape!
This cable feeds signals from the Arduino to the relays .1

Pin # Color Function Notes
1 Green Relay 01 input
2 Green / White Relay 11 input
3 Orange Relay 21 input
4 Orange / White Relay 31 input
5 Blue Relay 41 input
6 Blue / White Relay 51 input
7 Brown Relay 61 input
8 Brown / White Relay 71 input


It's the one with the RED tape!
This cable gives the Arduino feedback about the state of the relays.

Pin # Color Function Notes
1 Green Relay 00 output
2 Green / White Relay 10 output
3 Orange Relay 20 output
4 Orange / White none Will be connected to R30 input with resistor
5 Blue Relay 40 output
6 Blue / White Relay 50 output
7 Brown Relay 60 output
8 Brown / White Relay 70 output

Power UTP cable

Pin # Color Function Notes
1 Green Ground
2 Green / White Ground
3 Orange Ground
4 Orange / White Ground
5 Blue +24VDC
6 Blue / White +24VDC
7 Brown +5VDC
8 Brown / White +5VDC

Arduino pin map

Pin # Function input / output Notes
D0 Serial RX
D1 Serial TX
D2 Relay 01 Output
D3 Relay 11 Output
D4 Relay 21 Output
D5 Relay 31 Output
D6 Relay 41 Output
D7 Relay 51 Output
D8 Relay 61 Output
D9 Relay 71 Output
D10 Relay 00 Input
D11 Relay 10 Input
D12 Relay 20 Input
D13 Relay 30 Input
A0 Relay 40 Input
A1 Relay 50 Input
A2 Relay 60 Input
A3 Relay 70 Input


The software is almost identical to the one in the small Spacecontrol. More documentation coming.



  • Wiring power utp cable
  • software
    • Arduino side
      • moar notes and abstraction
    • computer side
      • read out switch states
  • Installation
  • Documentation