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The big space control


  • Lights can be switched using a web interface and regular light switches.
  • Roofs can be opened and closed.
  • Redundant: if the Arduino fails, the light switches remain working.


What we have available

  • A little under 100 industrial relays (Piet)
  • Industrial electricity cabinet (Piet)
  • Diodes and NPN heavy-duty switching transistors. (Koen)

Thanks to all who have contributed hardware!

What we need

  • More electrical cable


The schematic to control just one lamp.


Color Codes

Lesson learned: adding new colors on the fly will result in chaos:

Color Function Notes
Brow 220VAC L1 -
Blue +24VDC except immediately at main 220VAC input
Black Ground light switches switch ground
White 220VAC N -
Grey 220VAC L1 switched for outputs
UTP cable I/O for Arduino -
Red +5VDC for Arduino inputs


The software is identical to the one in the small Spacecontrol.



  • Installation
  • Documentation