Roomba Hacking

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Roomba Hacking
We can get a Roomba to clean and hack.

Fund raiser:[edit]

At the moment there's a Roomba 531 on sale in Hubo for €174 which seems a good deal. If some people put the money together we can get one for the space. So if you're willing to put down some money please add your name here:

Hack ideas[edit]

Please add any ideas of what to do here:

  • First problem that needs fixing is the docking station. The standard Roomba docking station is to lightweight. When trying to dock the Roomba pushes it dock ahead of himself until something holds back the dock. When undocking he also moves his docking station a little. I would like to suggest attaching the docking station to one of our LackRacks. They are heavy enough form them not to be moved by the Roomba and this has the added benefit of making it impossible to step on the Roomba when it's docked.
  • Make Roomba only clean when Pamela say's the space is closed.
  • UPnP stack (because what we currently have is still not broken enough)
  • Bring a bottle of Mate to a thirsty hacker.
  • Let users online control it and clean the space
  • + camstream (Just in case we miss the poor spider passing by...Evidence!)
  • Make it play wile cleaning
  • Maybe we can use a R0cket from CCC Camp to be the brain and communication part.
  • Use this to locate the Roomba in the space: