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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Meeting
  • Workshop
  • Talk
  • Slacking
  • Conference
  • Hacking

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Game server Hack-night +Hacking  +
General Assembly 2013 +Meeting  +
General assembly July 24th 2014 +Meeting  +


HSF2012/Meetup1 +Slacking  +
HSF2012/Meetup2 +Slacking  +
Hack the hackerspace v0.2 +Workshop  +
Hack the hackerspace v0.3 +Workshop  +
Hack the hackerspace v0.4 +Workshop  +
Hack the hackerspace v0.5 +Workshop  +
Hack the hackerspace v0.6 +Workshop  +
Hack the hackerspace v0.7 +Workshop  +
Hackerspace Charleroi opening +Conference  +


IMarkt meeting +Meeting  +
IRail summer of code +Conference  +
Installing some power outlets, break out box, the touchscreen in the bar and the coin acceptor +Hacking  +


LEGO Robots +Hacking  +
Laserprinter-Repair-Night +Hacking  +
Ldap installation +Workshop  +
Lil p0wny Workshop +Workshop  +
Linux Course III +Workshop  +
Lockpicking +Workshop  +


Meeting100 +Meeting  +
Meeting100 Party +Slacking  +
Meeting101 +Meeting  +
Meeting102 +Meeting  +
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