Practical Electronics 101

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Note: this article is about a passed event.

Practical Electronics 101
From 2010/06/19 13:30:00 to 2010/06/19 19:00:00

Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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Costs 5


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  • Practical electronics
  • Capacitor , resistor , coil, transistor, diode, leds...
  • Steppermotor, dc motor, servomotor
  • Switches / relays
  • Some simple but very useful circuits

Sales Pitch

So you've heard somewhere that U=R*I , or something like that (or not). You might have held an LED in your hand. Maybe you've licked the powersocket once. It really doesn't matter. We invite you to a fun workshop which tells you the basics to get started. Think practical use, rather than theoretical. If you want to take your first steps in this field, this is the time to act. Some experienced people will guide you to the dark path of voltages and ampères. This is also a handy workshop if you've just to your first steps programming an arduino *hint*.

What this is

This workshop is intended to let all of you get to know the absolute basics of electronics, from scratch up. The intention is to look at electronics from a practical perspective, but still this will not be a very hands-on workshop as there is a lot of stuff to be explained first. I will however try to make it as interactive as possible. I have no idea if I will be able to explain everything in the time we have, but we'll see how far we can get!

What this is not

A soldering workshop, an arduino workshop, a workshop for people who already know something about electronics...

What do you need?

An interest in electronics. That's all.

How much does it cost?

Workshop is free for members, non-members are kindly asked to make a donation of +5€ to the Whitespace Organisation.


No necessary but it would be nice to register on the doodle so we have an idea on how many to expect:

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