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Pamela for Android
Android application that displays data from pamela's macs list
Jeroen De Dauw

"Pamela client" on the Android app market

Source on github


Currently at version 0.2. Has 2 tabs, one showing 0x20 macs and the other of HSBXL.

Work has been done to add moar awesomeness, inducing:

  • Adding a Pamela widget (that you can place on your Android desktop)
  • Dynamically adding, removing and modifying tabs
  • Storing tab configuration

However, I (jeroen) get confused like hell by Android tabs and widgets and have problems getting that stuff to work. Help needed.

Other cool features[edit]

Stuff that'd be nice to have:

  • See amount of items in the tab header
  • List macs in order: person, mac, device (as done on the 0x20 Main Page)
  • Have local aliasing/ignore/whatev option for macs/names

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