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Open Bar
Creating a platform that brings creative minds together.


Since Newline 2012, we have an improvised bar in the space. This brought me to the idea of organizing Open bar events @ the space. The project Open Bar is about improving our bar infrastructure, food&drinks supply and bringing people together.

First things first: Infrastructure

The Bar

To organize Open bar events, we need a nice bar. The one we have now, is pretty sweet, but we can do better. For the moment the bar consists of a structure of stacked Club-Mate crates with two wooden plates taped on top. We have designed a plan to make the base-structure in MDF. That way, we do not loose the valuable money the empty crates are worth. Extra advantage of the new design: We can use the room underneath the bar for stock.

Adjusted lighting

The economic lightbulbs we have now are pretty cool, but don't really give the bar a cosy atmosphere. So we'll have to build something better. Any ideas are welcome

Fridge reorganisation

We currently have a kick-ass fridge which serves our needs perfectly. We should move the two spare ones so the bare becomes a little more spacious.