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Create a new key

$ openssl genrsa -aes256 -out 0x20-vpn-your_name_here.key 2048

Create a Certificate signing request

$ openssl req -new -key 0x20-vpn-your_name_here.key -out 0x20-vpn-your_name_here.csr

           countryName               = BE
           stateOrProvinceName       = Ghent
           organizationName          = 0x20
           organizationalUnitName    = members
           commonName                = your_name_here

Get your certificate signed

You can only get your certificate signed by being physically present in the space.

Sign cert: $ openssl ca -in ../0x20-vpn-your_name_here.csr -cert ca-0x20-cert.pem -keyfile private/ca-0x20-key.pem -out 0x20-vpn-your_name_here.cert -config ./openssl.cnf