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- Conspiracy Theories
- Conspiracy Theories
Excited? So are we!
  - Official website: http://0x20.be/Newline
  - Official website: http://0x20.be/Newline
  - Sign up for a talk here: http://tinyurl.com/newlinecfp
  - Sign up for a talk here: http://tinyurl.com/newlinecfp

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So completely in-line with the general setup of this conference, here
is -better late than never- *drumroll* the Call For Papers. 
We like to invite *YOU* to speak on our annual hackerspace conference!

Last years we had a good atmosphere, around 60 visitors, cozy rooms and
no trolls or hecklers. Good music, chill vibe, smart and sexy people.
Really, the best way to enjoy this event is to give a talk, there's 
something inherently intersting about people talking about stuff they
care about.

Your initial reaction may be...Me? What can I talk about? 
Simple answer: Plenty of things, there are different tracks:

- I <3 Foo: 
	{You've got some piece of software/hardware/technology you love, but 
	you didn't write it, never even submitted a well written bug report.
	Yet Foo makes your life easier/more fun/less boring. Come over and 
	share your experiences with us! Tell us what we're missing}
- I do Bar:
	{You've got some practical skill, indept knowledge about Bar, you can 
	share with your fellow hackers. You're not the talker but more action-
	oriënted. Cool! Give us some Idea what you want to do, and we'll get 
	some interested people in a small and cozy room with you. But not too
- I know Baz:
	{Awesome, your in-dept knowledge on Baz will enlighten us all, you're 
	the kind of speaker that can keep a room on the edge of their seat for
	an hour and still, keep the questions flowing after the talk}

- I think qux:
	{Here are you, with your opinion. You want to give a political, filoso-
	phical, ethical statement. You want to pitch an idea and welcome comments.
	You're a pastafarian that wants new followers, a politician without voters,
	a rebel without a cause/clue. Feel free to join us, we'll dust off our 
	soapbox for ya.}

We need the following to make this a great event: 
- Short accessible talks (20min or less) 
- Longer In-dept talks (30min or longer) 
- Worshops
- Demo's 
- Performances

Topics can include but are not limited to: 
- Enhanced or Infected Reality Swarms
- Auto-Builders / Self-Fabrication
- Embedded OS breakins stories & recipes
- Actualization rather than mere concepts
- Problematic & Ethical Open Source/Content Licenses
- Forensics and Anti-Forensics
- Web Security
- Electronic Music and Literature
- Retrocomputingarkets and anonymous money transfers
- Privacy
- Net Neutrality and Censorship
- Copyright
- Exploitation Techniques
- Video Game Culture and Art
- The Final (Hardware) Frontier: Open FPGA Cores, Reverse Engineering
- Designer Religions and Creative Beliefs Systems
- WiFiDoors 
- WiFi System-on-Chip controllers firmware hacking, infection & backdooring
- Telecom Core Network Equipment Reverse Engineering: MSC, STP, Switches, ...
- Algebraic Attacks and Modern Cryptography Attacks
- Autonomous, Parasitic and Viral Drones
- Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 
– machine learning, humanoid robots, RoboCup, autonomous cars
- Transportation Hacking – with electronics and bus systems
- Studies about Social Networks – e.g. how different networks are being used
- Media and Internet Technologies in education
- Cyberspace identities and gender issues
- Institutional Relationships: Lobbying or Licking?
- Cryptography and Cryptoanalysis
- Reverse Engineering
- Forensics and Anti-Forensics
- Web Security
- Electronic Music and Literature
- Retrocomputing
- Explosion-Proof clothing
- Radio Appz & Hackz: Mesh @ RF Layer 1-3
- Database & Privacy
- Social Justice on the Internet
- Media and Internet Technologies in Education
- Conspiracy Theories

Excited? So are we! 
 - Official website: http://0x20.be/Newline
 - Sign up for a talk here: http://tinyurl.com/newlinecfp