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This page is meant to list all tasks that need to be done to make the event awesome. Please enlist yourself for the things you want to help out with.


Make sure all tasks are done

Someone needs to ensure that all tasks of this list get someone to take care of them and poke people when they slack off.

  • ...


Make noise about the event, esp once we got our preliminary schedule, on all social media

  • Everyone

Print posters


Get any adittion rooms we might need. We can judge if we need more capacity based on registrations on eventbrite. Also can clean up the backroom.

  • ...


Would be great to have video recording like last year.

Who can provide the gear:

Who wants to take care of actually filming:

  • ...


Take care of getting the food (and drinks) for the event

  • ...

Bar shifts

Do one of the bar shifts:

  • ...

Food shifts

Make (and sell) the food

  • ...

Game competition

Arcade & bzflag competition


Year review

  • Fs111 - To be confirmed
  • Hans - To be confirmed

Set up

Move stuff around so we have room to do the talks and have the bar, ect

  • ...



Move stuff back to where it was and cleanup