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The following peoples have pledged

Whitespace will put in another 49,99 euros.

Which makes for a total of 190 euros for posters, for around 500 pieces.



Please add the locations in need for distribution you know of, and add your name if you are willing to/going to/did distribute them there.

Where Who How many posters Done? Notes
TomTom Sandb 6 posters Yes
IBBT Sandb 1 poster Yes If management approves
Hsbxl Sandb 10 posters Yes
Fosdem Yes
Ghent University: Zeus Tazo Yes
Timelab Kurt 2 posters Yes
VoidWarranties Jobj 10'ish Yes
Revspace 10-15 posters or so Yes Via Gmc/Brainsmoke on Fosdem/Bytenight?
Das Labor Yes Via PrototypeX29A on Fosdem/Bytenight?
/tmp/lab Yes
Metalab Maciej 10 posters Yes
Netlog fs111 5 posters Yes
Hack42 Stitch 5 posters No via revspace or mail
BME School Ghent Tazo No + surroundings (Codima, Lasershooting, Bars...)
Ghent University: Zwijnaarde Sandb No
Ghent University: Technicum, Plateau & Ledegang Koenraad ~10 posters No
Ghent University: De Sterre Sandb, Koenraad No
Outpost Koenraad No
Stichting Logos Johannes?, Sandb No
Vooruit Sandb No
Sint Lievens College Sandb No
Academie Bijloke Tazo No
Academie Oude Brandweer Sandb No
Library Sandb No