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The following peoples have pledged

Whitespace will put in another 49,99 euros.

Which makes for a total of 190 euros for posters, for around 500 pieces.



Please add the locations in need for distribution you know of, and add your name if you are willing to/going to/did distribute them there.

Where Who How many posters Done? Notes
TomTom Sandb 6 posters Yes
IBBT Sandb 1 poster Yes If management approves
Hsbxl Sandb 10 posters Yes
Fosdem Yes
Ghent University: Technicum, Plateau & Ledegang Koenraad ~10 posters No
Ghent University: De Sterre No
Ghent University: Zeus No
Ghent University: Zwijnaarde No
BME School Ghent Tazo No + surroundings (Codima, Lasershooting, Bars...)
Timelab Kurt 2 posters Yes
Stichting Logos
VoidWarranties Jobj 10'ish Yes
Revspace 10-15 posters or so Yes Via Gmc/Brainsmoke on Fosdem/Bytenight?
Das Labor No Via PrototypeX29A on Fosdem/Bytenight?
/tmp/lab No
Metalab Maciej 10 posters yes
Hack42 Stitch 5 posters no via revspace or mail
Netlog fs111 5 posters yes
Outpost Koenraad No
Vooruit No
Sint Lievens College No
Academie Brandweer No
Academie Oude Brandweer No