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Welcome to Whitespace halp!


The wiki is at Btw. you are on it now.

Sharing files

There is a file server called polaris. It has the following shares:

  • shuttle: Used for quickly sharing files while you're in the space. Anyone can read and write from this, but don't store anything permanent on here: files get deleted automatically after 24 hours.
  • workshop: If you give a workshop, you can use this to share files related to your workshop. Just create your own directory there.

You can access polaris through any of the following protocols:

Protocol Example Account required Writable
SFTP sftp://polaris/data in Gnome nautilus, or sftp polaris:/data on the command line Yes Yes
SCP scp blah polaris:/data/shuttle on the command line Yes Yes
HTTP http://polaris/ No No
Webdav http://polaris/ No shuttle only
FTP ftp://polaris/ No shuttle only
NFS mount polaris:/data /mnt No No
SMB smb://polaris/ No shuttle only


There is a printer in the back, it is a HP Laserjet 4 Plus.

The printer supports postscript and PCL5e. It can be reached over the network through a Jetdirect ex plus printer server. You can connect to it using the following parameters:

  • host: laserjet4
  • port: 9100

You should be using a Laserjet4+ driver, either postscript or PCL5e, or just a generic postscript driver.


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