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Drinks and Food[edit]

  • Drinks at the bar
  • Food at the bar
  • Prices on the board


  • The bar man will know, ask him!

Dumping your laptop/clothes/...[edit]

  • You can ask at the bar to put your stuff in the storage room. Should be safer than just dumping in the main space, but no guarantees. Actually, since we are all nice people, dumping your stuff in the main space will also probably be safe


  • Main space (1.21): This is the hackerspace, and the hangout room for newline. Contains a bar and couches. And contains the "backroom" which you can dump stuff in if needed.
  • Talk room: where the talks are happening
  • Workshop room: where the workshops are happening.

Important: both the Talk and Workshop room are on loan from other organisations, so don't bring any food inside, and no drinks.

Other things[edit]

This is a hackerspace, and this is a wiki. Questions? You got solutions? Adapt this wiki. Also if you are on Newline, you can check out http://help/ for general space help and Newline for schedule and other info on Newline.