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=== Schedule ===
=== Schedule ===
Check out the [[Newline/Schedule|schedule]], to see all the cool things, that are coming.
Check out the [[Newline/Schedule|schedule]] to see all the cool things that are coming.
=== Accommodation ===
=== Accommodation ===

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Note: this article is about a passed event.

Newline 2011
From 2011/03/25 18:00:00 to 2011/03/26 23:59:59

Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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Costs € 0.00


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Newline is the one year anniversary event of whitespace. It will reach 9001 awesomeness points (at least) and this page is here to help you with all things newline.


Check out the schedule to see all the cool things that are coming.


Looking for a place to sleep during newline? Check Newline/Accommodation


There are no tickets and there is no price, however we would like to know, how many people plan to come, so consider to do the non mandatory registration


If you don't know, how to find us, check this page.


If you tweet or blog about this, please use the #newline hashtag, we love to hear, what you have to say!


If you still have questions, feel free to contact us on newline [at] 0x20 [dot] be.


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