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Note: this article is about a passed event.

Newline2011/Newline work meeting 04
From 2011/03/23 20:00:00 to 2011/03/23 23:59:59
Attendees (2):
Koenraad, Jeroen De Dauw
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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Next iteration, what is still to be done etc.


  • Filling in all Angel positions and shifts
  • Shoppîng Lists (Food, drink, furniture)
  • lights
  • setup: bar location? do we change something else?


Arch Angels and responsibility[edit]

  • food: hans
    • need space in the back to prepare
    • hamburgers 2.0: cheese, lettuce,...
    • baking happens electrically in the back
  • buildup
    • installation will naturally be a bit stressful, on friday
    • hans will meet with decoders on thursday 4-5ish 4 access
    • koen has not yet talked to landlady afawk, we not have key yet
    • pick up stuff
      • pick up 11:30 chairs friday
      • liftoff ick up round at 10:00, fs111 will help out
    • light problem, we forgot to order 500w
      • tom morning: call province to see if we can get 500w lamps instead
      • then check if we can get from pascal or commercial renters
      • impy drives to and from bxl (back from 16:00), can do stuff transport
  • bar: koenraad
    • need more bar people!! see page above
    • special drinks?
      • more messy
      • harder to do when alone
      • moar alcohol
      • but more expensive
      • chunk?
        • chunk yeah!
        • ice problem
        • if the bar orga wants to do it
      • bar surface!!!
        • use wood of work table (six*nuts removal only)
  • stocking: sandb
    • most stuff already present
    • 1.50 for mate
    • fill up on friday if needed
  • speakers: fs111
    •  !every! speaker, even members, get a free t-shirt
    • make time signs to hold up to indicate time left
    • notify speakers to have presentation in the correct format if possible (pdf, ...): fs111 will do

  • technologies: impy
    • wouter will tape
    • impy will follow up with wouter
    • laptops for presenters wo laptops? todo: fs111, hans has windows, sandb maybe extra pc
  • workshop arch angel: abe
    • no workshop: close room
    • always someone "responsible" present
    • no food/drinks sign
  • internet: tazo/jaroslav
    • internet needs to be the whitespace lan
    • use power of decoders or extra room to power repeaters
    • tazo will bring more from brussels
    • do we have enough power cables?
      • multipliers or cables?
      • both!!
      • sandb and fs111 will bring 20m cables and multipliers, also impy
  • teardown arch angel: sandb
    • sunday: exceptional cleaning caturday
    • monday: sandb and hans delivering to province and chairs
  • sober angel:????
    • Bert will do it!!! On saturday
    • Friday the ambulance is free
    • Friday 092222222
    • Friday Impy will do it!


    • make a list of all phone numbers of all arch angels: see gatekeeper (sandb will do)
    • signs towards different rooms
    • bar signs
    • no password on the wifi
    • music
      • use mpd player
      • help contains info on how to use the mpd to put up your own music
      • make help newline specific
      • redirect to 0x20 wiki
    • isomo gone at the front
  • Make signs:
    • "No food/drinks" at workshop / talk room
    • Signs/arrows to the workshop room / talk room
  • drop the stuff from sandb and tazo on friday
  • gatekeeper
    • ask if we can tape the door
    • if not, phone nr and auto gate for everyone
  • we open at 11:30
  • sleeping:
    • hans
    • sandb
    • notify on wiki
    • 3 people need sleep possibly more
    • gmc, brainsmoke @ hans
    • prototype @ fs111
  • vestaire:
    • no responsibilties (sign)
    • orga: sandb will look into it
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