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This page was created for the sole purpose of creating clarity in the networking thingies at 0x20.

Connection to internet

ISP: Dommel

After discussing multiple options, we decided to go with Dommel: fast access, cheap, no caps, no ports blocked. We went with the lower cost - lower speed option, with the idea that, if we want more, we can always upgrade.

Note: We are currently not using anything of the web- and mailservice below.

Connection details:

adsl-number 100987582393
news-pass: xxx

Advanced modem/router settings:

protocol: rfc 2684 (aka 1483) multi-protocol over atm (bridged or routed)
vpi/vci: 8/35
ipaddress: automatic/dhcp
encapsulation: llc
password: not needed

web- and mailservice:

Your personal homepage at has not yet been activated. To activate, login at with username "" and password "xxx". Click on "My Packages" -> Click on the "E" at the right of your adsl-account. You can configure your emailaccounts by clicking on the "O".

If you have any questions, please first check our support pages at (click on "online faq"). If you cannot find an answer to your questions here, you can open a ticket at (click on "support-desk"), or contact us by telephone every workingday between 09.00 and 18.00 (+32 70 224 305) or by fax (+32 70 224 305).

Wireless Antwerp

We also have a connection to the wireless antwerp network Wireless_Antwerp

LAN @ Whitespace

The Modem: DLink DSL-2740B

We use this modem for the adsl connection to Dommel


Totoro: the router

The cisco RV082 router serves as the main router. It has the following functions:

- dhcp server which gives out ip's in the range (also gives the openDNS servers) - 2 WAN connections: One to Dommel, one to Wireless Antwerp. The connections are configured as load-balanced, but resort to failover when one of the connections is down.

LAN side IP:
Modem side IP:
WA side IP: automatic(dhcp)

Cisco AirPlus 2.4 ghz Wireless Access point

There are a few of them around the space. You can reset the AP's to factory settings by holding the reset button for 20 seconds. They provide 2 wireless network:


  • WPA key: unicorns
  • Is connected to Totoro (load-balancing between WA and Dommel)


  • WPA key: unicorns
  • Is directly connected to WA network

backup of old/out of date information: following things can be removed

The schema

note: This schema accepts patches. You can find the .dia-file (sudo apt-get install dia) at VPN 0x20.png



Whitespace, our hackerspace, has a LAN which connects local machines in the network We provide ethernet and Wifi access to connect to the network.


Our friends from IBBT ( have provided us with a virtual server in their data center, which is awesome! It has a massive internet connection and that is why this server is often referred to as "Big Pipe"<ref>Big pipe server</ref>.


To link 2 locations you have 2 options:

  1. Provide your own infrastructure: connect the two sites with a physical cable
  2. Use existing infrastructure to connect the two sites: connect through the interwebs

For a whole bunch of reasons, option #1 is a bit impractical, so the way to go is through the interwebs. That is exactly what is done between 0x20 and IBBT, we've created a so called Virtual Private Network or VPN, which in this case is nothing more than a point-to-point tunnel over the internet connecting 0x20 and IBBT in the same private network. This setup is documented in project OpenVPN<ref>Project OpenVPN</ref>.