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* WPA key: unicorns
* WPA key: unicorns
* Is directly connected to WA network
* Is directly connected to WA network
= backup of old/out of date information: following things can be removed =
== The schema ==
'''''note: ''' This schema accepts patches. You can find the .dia-file (sudo apt-get install dia) at http://members.0x20.be/cedric/Network_0x20.dia
= Sites =
== Whitespace ==
Whitespace, our hackerspace, has a LAN which connects local machines in the '''network'''. We provide ethernet and Wifi access to connect to the network.
== IBBT ==
Our friends from IBBT (http://www.ibbt.be) have provided us with a virtual server in their data center, which is '''awesome!''' It has a massive internet connection and that is why this server is often referred to as "Big Pipe"<ref>[[Big_pipe_server|Big pipe server]]</ref>.
= VPN =
To link 2 locations you have 2 options:
# Provide your own infrastructure: connect the two sites with a physical cable
# Use existing infrastructure to connect the two sites: connect through the interwebs
For a whole bunch of reasons, option #1 is a bit impractical, so the way to go is through the interwebs.
That is exactly what is done between 0x20 and IBBT, we've created a so called Virtual Private Network or VPN, which in this case is nothing more than a point-to-point tunnel over the internet connecting 0x20 and IBBT in the same private network. This setup is documented in project OpenVPN<ref>[[OpenVPN|Project OpenVPN]]</ref>.

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This page was created for the sole purpose of creating clarity in the networking thingies at 0x20.

Connection to internet

ISP: Dommel

After discussing multiple options, we decided to go with Dommel: fast access, cheap, no caps, no ports blocked. We went with the lower cost - lower speed option, with the idea that, if we want more, we can always upgrade.

Note: We are currently not using anything of the web- and mailservice below.

Connection details:

adsl-number 100987582393
news-server: news.dommel.be
news-login: xxx@schedom.be
news-pass: xxx
pop3-server: pop.dommel.be
smtp-server: relay.dommel.be
webmail: webmail.dommel.be

Advanced modem/router settings:

protocol: rfc 2684 (aka 1483) multi-protocol over atm (bridged or routed)
vpi/vci: 8/35
ipaddress: automatic/dhcp
encapsulation: llc
password: not needed

web- and mailservice:

Your personal homepage at http://yourchoice.dommel.be has not yet been activated. To activate, login at https://crm.schedom-europe.net with username "info@0x20.be" and password "xxx". Click on "My Packages" -> Click on the "E" at the right of your adsl-account. You can configure your @dommel.be emailaccounts by clicking on the "O".

If you have any questions, please first check our support pages at https://crm.schedom-europe.net (click on "online faq"). If you cannot find an answer to your questions here, you can open a ticket at https://crm.schedom-europe.net (click on "support-desk"), or contact us by telephone every workingday between 09.00 and 18.00 (+32 70 224 305) or by fax (+32 70 224 305).

Wireless Antwerp

We also have a connection to the wireless antwerp network Wireless_Antwerp

LAN @ Whitespace

The Modem: DLink DSL-2740B

We use this modem for the adsl connection to Dommel


Totoro: the router

The cisco RV082 router serves as the main router. It has the following functions:

  • dhcp server which gives out ip's in the range (also gives the openDNS servers)
  • 2 WAN connections: One to Dommel, one to Wireless Antwerp. The connections are configured as load-balanced, but resort to failover when one of the connections is down.
LAN side IP:
Modem side IP:
WA side IP: automatic(dhcp)

Cisco AirPlus 2.4 ghz Wireless Access point

There are a few of them around the space. You can reset the AP's to factory settings by holding the reset button for 20 seconds. They provide 2 wireless network:


  • WPA key: unicorns
  • Is connected to Totoro (load-balancing between WA and Dommel)


  • WPA key: unicorns
  • Is directly connected to WA network