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How to become a member of the space

If you want to become a member, you can do so by filling in a form at the space itself.

Anybody can become a member, there are no special requirements. It helps though if you have been at the space before, and if you have met and talked to at least a few members.

When you filled in the form, you need to

  • find two sponsors: two existing members that are willing to sign your application
  • wait a month- actually use the month to find 2 sponsors :-)
  • come to a meeting to have your application accepted

After that, you'll get a key and you're an official member of 0x20. If you add your public key to your homepage, you'll also get server access.

Membership fees

Membership fee is 20 euro.

To be paid before the 15th of each month. If you pay on 14th of February, you pay for the 15th of February till the 14th of March.

You start paying for the month you became member in. That means if you became member on 20th of February, you need to pay for the 15th of February till the 15th of March also. This might mean you pay a little bit more the first month you become member. If you became member on first of February, you get the first 15 days for free.

The account that you need to wire your membership fee to is 973-0043064-30 (updated). You need to wire the money, you can't pay in cash (easier for 0x20 to do the bookkeeping).

Note: 979-7853959-68 is the old account, managed by Tazo, it will be active for some more time. However, to wake up people still happily using this account, all payments to this account are considered kind donations to the space. This means that anyone trying to pay his membership fee on this account will have to pay it again on the proper account, and the first amount will not be refunded. This account will be deactivated when Koenraad passes on the torch as treasurer in February 2010.

Membership fees for founding members

The founding members pay 40 euros a month, for the first year of existence of 0x20.

The payments will be revised after six months.

Payments start on March 15th. (retroactively)

Re-evaluation of this setup is done before 15th of September 2010.