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Note: this article is about a passed meeting.

From 2011/11/03 19:30:00 to 2011/11/03 23:59:59
Attendees (1):
Jeroen De Dauw
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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Agenda points

  • membership box
  • Insulation project stalled again...
  • vpn workshop: vpn server on . Somebody interested? Otherwise a hacknight tomorrow evening.
  • misc.


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Meeting notes

Join note taking during the meeting:

membership box[edit]

  • membership box ok!

Insulation project stalled again...[edit]

  • still to do
    • holeover the door
    • arc in the back room
    • fix holes on the opening roofs, temperary like last year or permenant.
    • cover by landlandy, will provide materials, we will do it
  • nobody wants to do it, lazy
  • use cloths to cover roof in main room
  • we should close door somehow

vpn workshop[edit]

  • jaroslov wants to give it
  • vpn server on .
    • Somebody interested?
    • Otherwise a hacknight tomorrow evening.
  • people ARE interested
  • abe is joining

ccc congres[edit]

  • here be dragons in gent/brussels/antwerp, watch videos online from space?
    • get a special link from congress

possible new space[edit]

    • bigger than now
    • zwijnaardse steenweg, above the "(s)match"?, close to gent-sint-pieters
    • might be cheaper than now
    • let's check it out!
    • 2nd and third story of the building
    • Who cleans the toilets?

posible new space 2[edit]

  • in front of MBC
    • bike store is going away
    • check for info with landlady
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