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* Record Debian packaging workshop?  
* Record Debian packaging workshop?  
* Networking hack night tomorrow??
* Networking hack night tomorrow??
=== Money Status ===
=== Money Status ===
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* Bleep bloop music
* Bleep bloop music

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Note: this article is about a passed meeting.

From 2011/05/19 19:30:00 to 2011/05/19 23:59:59
Attendees (13):
Jeroen De Dauw, Abe, Cedric, Jaroslov, fs111, Sandb, Biertie, Koen, Koenraad, Amelia, Hala, Elias, Makhno
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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Agenda points

  • money status
  • bookkeeping done, handover to Cedric
  • GnuCash workshop in revspace on saturday 21st @1400 [1]
  • Record Debian packaging workshop?
  • Networking hack night tomorrow??


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Money Status

  • Cedric will do awesome stuff as the next bookkeeper!
    • Cedric is the new financial responsible!!
    • He will check if you pay your membership
  • We are doing good, with all rent and accounts paid

GnuCash workshop

  • In revspace this saterday
  • Sandb is going, places free in his car, leaves at 11:30
    • Koen want's to join

Debian workshop

  • On Sunday!
  • Koen will mail Hans/Impy to ask them to record the talk
  • Jaroslov will write mail

Membership Box

  • PPP applied for membership!!! :-)

Missing tape

  • Hans has it from Wouter
  • When Impy comes back, should do asap on youtube & polaris
  • Coolness

Lock picking workshop?

  • We would like, but we need someone who can give it
  • Ask Tool chapter in the Netherlands? yes!
  • "Lock Servicing Tool"

Networking Hacknight???

  • Routerboard from WirelessAntwerpen
  • Did anyone look at it already?
  • Hacknight tomorrow? Maybe, depending on interest

Tschunk night

  • we need it, bytenight style!!
  • Wednesday the 1st, before long weekend
  • "get rid" of all the booze
  • Bleep bloop music


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