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** working on serial access
** working on serial access
** [[Spacecontrol]] is back!!! Please use it! http://spacecontrol
=== [[Spacecontrol]] is back!!! Please use it! http://spacecontrol ===
* use space control iso buttons
* use space control iso buttons
* http://spacecontrol
* http://spacecontrol
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* Anyone interasted in ADA workshop
* Anyone interasted in ADA workshop
* Old programming language
* Old programming language
* Basis for Pascal
* Procedural language
* Procedureal language
* All cool cats have done this. If they are old ;-)
* In June!
* In June!

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Note: this article is about a passed meeting.

From 2011/04/28 19:30:00 to 2011/04/28 23:59:59
Attendees (2):
Jeroen De Dauw, Koen
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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Agenda points


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Meeting notes

Join note taking during the meeting: http://ietherpad.com/0x20

Status projects: 2min status. Help needed? Stuff needed? How can others contribute?[edit]

  • gatekeeper in c for all when presence
    • working on serial access

Spacecontrol is back!!! Please use it! http://spacecontrol[edit]

'Learning Python' on Wednesday evening (re-occurring)[edit]

  • jaroslav not here

send out an reminder/update a week before an event[edit]

  • lets do this
  • can we automate this? yes we can, but we have to write it -> some people look into this
  • arduino 101 workshop was not known by many
    • btw: we want redo this workshop and properly announce it
  • have announce mailing list?
  • use blog?
  • use twitter?
  • one channel only?
    • if we use multiple channels, they are subscription based, so you can choose which one
    • have common entry point for new data so all channels carry exactly the same news
    • yes you can
    • auto doodle?

Newline videos[edit]

  • most of them are only
  • missing a newline tape that is still with wouter, anyone going to brussels? see if we can get in touch with wouter and get the missing tape
  • youtube is good deal for us right now

XBMC is back[edit]

  • xbox media center is back!!
  • hurray!
  • beamer on computer 2

Roundup of electricity[edit]

  • Its all good

Note: next week general assembly[edit]

  • non-members allowed?
    • yes, but non voting, non discussing, maybe not the perfect time for non-members to come
  • BE THERE!!! we need the 50%
  • stress that the general assembly starts at 19:30!
  • champagne for 19:30 peoples!!

Mate & hermann brause supply[edit]

  • Thx Hans!


Soldering Workshop[edit]

  • Who is interested
  • Small soldering challenge
  • Somwhere in the future, june
  • We have to order the printboards beforehand

Mini CnC[edit]

  • Lieven will be here
  • Sandb, Johannes, Koenraad coming
  • Tommorow at 20u
  • Go through entire cycle (design, software, milling)

Ada workshop idea[edit]

  • Anyone interasted in ADA workshop
  • Old programming language
  • Procedural language
  • In June!
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