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Note: this article is about a passed meeting.

From 2011/02/03 19:30:00 to 2011/02/03 23:59:59
Attendees (10):
Jeroen De Dauw, Abe, Sandb, Fs111, Impy, Koenraad, Tazo, Jobj, Johannes
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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Agenda points

  • Newline update (posters, talks)
  • Who's (not) going to fosdem?
    • Who can provide and who wants carpool?
  • ipv6 day
  • gigabit switch
  • use H_x^2 budget for flappers?
    • project flappers is dead
  • Hack-in-the-box invitation - ideas?
  • FridgeMagnet overkill?


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Meeting notes

Join note taking during the meeting:

Newline update

  • posters are here
  • max deploy of posters on 1st of march
    • we should have a schedule by then
    • ssl should be fixed
  • fosdem
    • tazo takes the case of posters
    • posters for fosdem (10-15?)
    • posters for visiting hackerspaces etc... (during fosdem/bytenight)
  • shedule:
    • right now 7 proposals for talks
    • we want still more
    • we are missing "art and beauty talks"
    • 1 slot of spontaneous talks
    • about 6 hours per room?
    • add 3, pause 3 system like cc?
  • put up doodle or something for people to come (google form thingie, no login)?
    • noa? or later?
    • yes
    • google spreadsheet/form (hans knows how)
    • install asap, nao, add link on newline page, but do it nice
  • newline locations
    • we can have a room 4 free if one is empty during the weekend
    • backup if no rooms are empty:
      • put a note on the board?
      • ask neighbours if possible
  • projector 4 second room
    • can borrow from ptr_

Who's going to Fosdem

ipv6 day

  • 6/6/2011:
  • we need ipv6 before that day
  • ipv4 get's turned off
  • do something special
  • 6/6 is on monday
  • we will do a ipv4-less day every 6th of the month from now on
  • tazo will make sure that there is ipv6 in the space and that we can turn off ipv4!

gigabit switch

  • We (again!) got a nice gigabit switch from Brussels
  • We need to repay Brussels with a 8 port switch (gigabit)

Hacksquare funding show-off projects (during CCC-camp)

  • Project flappers is dead
  • look for what we can do, funding can be given
  • Funding needs to be entered before 24th of February (deadline call-for-projects)

Hack in the box invitation

  • Security conference in the Netherlands
  • They like other spaces to come over and to show off stuff
  • Last year Hans & xflame went
  • Doing something =
    • Give a presentation
    • Show a project
    • ...

Fridge Magnet overkill

  • nobody knows this
  • What is the problem that we are trying to fix with the barcode scanner?
    • Not having money on you
    • Less money in the space
    • Less processing for the financial guy

WBM in Barcelona 16-20 March

  • _ptr is going there with a car, 2.5 weeks,

real nice holiday

  • if you want to go, hike with him


  • Tazo is redecorating the backroom -> don't undo, discuss first
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