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Note: this article is about a passed meeting.

From 2010/12/09 19:30:00 to 2010/12/09 23:59:59

Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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Asterisk 2 date?

  • tomorrow

Awesome Transistor Talk coming up!

  • video?
  • hans' vid cam will take care of it

HackSquare meeting coming up!

  • ccc camp next summer
  • hacksquare = group around making nice stuff around
  • going to be cool
  • fs111 is going to drive (a full car)

Wild PR idea from Koenraad...

  • we need some more publicity?
  • "take back the machine" - like competition

Organize event around 10 years Wikipedia. Organizers can get swag and stuffz.

  • jeroen and biertie suggested
  • wikipedia supports
  • when?
  • yes we will
  • jeroen and hns pull

Insulation: What's done? / What can be done?

  • foam - Work in progress
  • Door needs work (Tom)
  • Some minor work on back windows styrofaom, please don't touch until March or warm weather
  • Radiation shiel after heater will be placed

eth0:2011 Winter announced, anybody interested in going?

  • announced by the dutch guys
  • near arnheim
  • 2 weeks after congress in berlin
  • from friday till sunday
  • 42 euros including sleeping and food
  • fs111 thinks of going
  • 120 people max

BruCon donation

  • From Brucon to us
  • Max 2000 euros
  • We need to make a wishlist 4 hardware 4 the space THIS WEEK
  • Send it to Benny
  • Defend it towards the other proposals
    • Hardware for streaming?
    • see StuffWeNeed wiki page
    • All edits need to be made before saturdays

Staying home for 27c3, what do???


  • Cleaning-Sunday!!
  • Next 19th Sunday

Financial Overview

  • Energy dives into buffer
  • Buy more drinks
  • Bertie, Bert, Impy and Batist did not pay


  • Organised some talks at his school; but school cancelled due to date mix.
  • About Mysql high availability, sharding, and devops: Keny Grijp and Patrick Debois
  • On Dec 13th (now, monday, 20:00)
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