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Note: this article is about a passed meeting.

From 2010/11/25 19:30:00 to 2010/11/25 23:59:59

Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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  • Dommel Internet connection
  • Gatekeeper needs a decent fix


Dommel internet connection

  • Installation will be done on Tuesday 30th of November
  • Sandb will be there
  • Do we have an ADSL router ready? ==> yes
  • We have the following options to be configured, any actions we want to take on:
    • Free ".be" domain => no
    • Free "<name>" webspace => no
    • Mailboxes (5) => no
  • News on contact with the owner? => yes, done, ok

Gatekeeper needs a decent fix

  • not always working
  • software problem?
  • bert will fix it!
  • do real daemonize?
  • script or something else? seems script...
  • next few

soekris problem

  • it's the compact flash card? or filesystem
  • will fix


  • bert has an ata
  • koen has phones
  • if koen donates a rotary and a non-rotary phone
  • bert will donate ata
  • we might need red paint
  • sandb is going to be there to open


  • was cool
  • do it again: yes


  • did not respond
  • still has the key --> needs to return it!!!
  • go after work hours to his house to make contact

New stickers

  • we have!
  • some old stickers still available


  • not this week but next week
  • new-cleaners welcomed


  • We have!
  • On Kurts name still though
  • Needs a note to transfer contract to Whitespace

Situation with workshops

  • New workshops?
  • Welding -> not coming
  • fs111 -> tor, but for next year
  • Android --> emich from HSBXL
  • New launchpad workshop? does someone want to pull it?
  • Openframeworks?
  • Wanted workshops on the wiki
  • Ssh protocol -> bert -> after someone else gives one
  • Don't be afraid to give a workshop!!!! You don't have to be perfect!
  • Indebt look at transitorss by Koenraad -> will do! sandb wingman!
    • date set by next week thursday latest
  • publisize workshops!!!
  • Mac OSX programming workshop?

Meeting CCC summer camp Den Hague

  • 11 dec
  • make sure we check driving etc... planning for that next week
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