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Note: this article is about a passed event.

From 2010/10/28 19:30:00 to 2010/10/28 23:59:59
Attendees (2):
Jeroen De Dauw
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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  • Wiki captcha annoys Roel
  • We can haz isolation
  • Network improvements done last weekend
  • The Audio System
  • Books

Wiki captcha annoys Roel[edit]

  • even with account this happens
  • you need to validate your account

We can haz isolation[edit]

  • Bert IS wearing shorts!
  • Isolating the ceiling windows(tm) = no light
  • But windows are hot air escapes
  • Can we check the meters? First try to check where it is, if not possible contact landlord.
  • Btw: contract still not done here!
  • Light is more important than isolation

Network improvements done last weekend[edit]

  • patch cables by koen!!
  • got switch from hsbxl
  • macbook bottleneck? we don't know
  • Bert: soekris not here yet, we still want it?
  • How will we deal with this, and what eggs and where are the baskets?
  • The first citizen of ghent is ALWAYS RIGHT

Consoles and null modems[edit]

  • We now have 12 terminal servers, hehe :)
  • Keep 2 for backup
  • Others for casing for projects
  • Cisco cables: perfect for serial
  • With terminal server -> perfect for laptop -> eth -> term server -> serial -> device


  • Andre detected some slowing down javascript is fetched
  • Look into this? Yes! (you can)

The Audio System[edit]

  • Mdp server is present, up and running
  • ip:
  • port 6600
  • next week friday hang speaker boxes up, or on saturday (cleaning caturday)?
  • sandb is in the minority - and does !NOT like Airwolf


  • it's about Berts scifi books
  • takes some time QA'ing
  • Bert wants to do it saturday at his house, free mate, but NO BACON OMG!!! Sandb will come on Sunday. Anybody else invited.


  • all cool
  • Joren


Old PC[edit]

  • Sandb will steal some if we need one!!!

Belgium eId[edit]

  • Bert's eid fuckketry lowlevel bit twisting
  • Tomorrow 19:00
  • Sandb will be here, Tazo


  • Hans or sandb???
  • Koenraad is the new financial guy!
  • Handover today
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