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Note: this article is about a passed event.

From 2010/10/07 19:30:00 to 2010/10/07 23:59:59

Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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  • Eat more Cheetos!!!
I'm already on it --Jeroen De Dauw 09:38, 6 October 2010 (CEST)
  • filetypes on the wiki?
  • Youssef?
  • Networking talk wrapup
  • kitchen area rearranged
  • semi permanent worktable
  • reoccurring infrastructure/small workshop night
audio installation system hacking
  • the crate
  • hackerspace business cards
  • Yes, you canNOT put open hardware stamps on things I have sanded and varnished
  • Jeroen will give MW + SMW talk/demo at Voidwarranties: doodle
  • The Ice Cube experiment
  • rental contract
  • upcoming CleaningCaturday

notes on:

Meeting notes

filetypes on the wiki

  • Koenraad wants pdf, because he cannot read odt at work
  • Only if you want to

networking talk wrapup

  • It was awesome!!
  • Setup was great
  • Bert: we need wheels under everything (seats, tables) to make switching easier or use gliders
  • Or make electronic whiteboard + projector on other side so we are faced correctly
  • Will see

kitchen area rearanged

  • It's the backroom
  • We like it
  • Carpets were dirty
  • Semi permanent worktable added (ubuntu stable desktop, oscilloscope, ...)

Reoccurring infrastructure/small workshop night

  • e.g. audio installation hacking
  • branching out to an other night in the week
  • sunday night? monday night? tuesday night?
  • someone needs to pull
  • this is somth that needs experimentation
  • make it a hacknight like Frhack night in brussels?

The crate

  • Koen suggest we use one of the big cardboard boxes as the crate
  • Meeting accepts (put the crate in the backroom)

Hackerspace contact card

  • We call it flyers
  • Not with a persons name on it
  • Card of the business
  • Business card sized flyer
  • Koen will make it happen

Yes, you canNOT put open hardware stamps on things I have sanded and varnished

  • Koens note
  • Please be excellent to each other
  • Not allowed to stamp the shelve

Jeroen will give MW + SMW talk/demo at Voidwarranties

  • Possible dates on the doodle
  • Go if you can! And then update the doodle!!

The Ice cube experiment

  • We can make an ice cube with the current hardware in two days

Rental contract

  • Sandb will do better next time
  • Koen talked to Nathalie:
    • She asked about data about

Cleaning caturday

  • Who comes
  • We skip it -> because its already clean, and no folks available

Networking sucksor

  • We are the fr*cking hackerspace we are supposed to have stable wired and wireless networking
  • use Soekris
    • limited for forwarding, but good cpu and storage
    • don't use it as a gate, use for dhcp, dns etc... (squid?)
  • use two separte access points for wireless with two separate channels
  • use existing router for just NAT as gate

wireless antwerp on belgacom building

  • probably going to be implemented quite soon
  • we are keeping an eye on that!
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