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Note: this article is about a passed event.

From 2010/04/29 19:30:00 to 2010/04/29 23:59:59

Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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Shopping 4 Electronics

  • Kris: Selection of a "low-cost general purpose microcontroller kit" (Arduino based???) [who leads this? can you make a project page?]
     --> the kit should contain the minimal components needed for future (Whitespace) projects
     --> the kit should let you start easily with your next project
     --> 3 steps procedure:
               1) Whitespace buys all the components for a couple of kits at once
               2) You can buy a low-cost kit from Whitespace
               3) Have fun building your next project
  • we want to make a page/app/something where people that are planning to buy electronics
  • once enough is on there to drop shipping charges, we order, and gain $$$

Money management

  • Proposal:
* assign someone to be responsible for 3 months for the financials
* that person gets clean books
* that person returns clean books
  • Advantages:
* we build shared knowledge about doing the books
* we have a checkpoint every 3 months on our book keeping
* no one has to do all the work
* no single point of failure
  • Flow:
* People can volunteer
* If no one volunteers, someone is voted; any one is a candidate in that case.
* People can only be elected once a year, unless they volunteer.


  • We make one page on the wiki users that contains the list of members; there email; their real name and their adress; (if they so wish to share it).
  • We need to assign the users that are member to a members-group.

Club Mate

  • Sandb & _Ptr are driving, not this but next weekend.
  • Bringing back 80 cases
  • Will try for 20 cases for 0x20.

Video meetings

  • Cool idea (from Koen): have a video cam that is setup to make a movie of every presentation we do, and put the setup so that it is very asy to capture, compress, upload to youtube and link to it on the site.

Dorkbot minus Dorkbot

Andre to fill in.

Python workshop


  • Status on Ubuntu Release party, within 2 weeks, any preps required? (try to ask Mike)
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