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|Attendees=Mimor, Jeroen De Dauw,  
== General ==
== General ==
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  * Space needs to be cleaned
  * Space needs to be cleaned
  * Test all the stuf in the back and throw away broken things - thys
  * Test all the stuf in the back and throw away broken things - thys

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Note: this article is about a passed event.

On 2014/01/30
Attendees (3):
Mimor, Jeroen De Dauw
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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«Meeting, mostly about Newline»


Starting time: 19:30 - ish :D


Status? Tasks to distribute?




New members to allow?

Insulation & energy[edit]

Did we find free stuff?

Space control & electricity[edit]

-> crack the whip and reboot the space control project


not a failboat after all

small things to do[edit]

sticker status
make printer operational again (probably total reset)
buy printer paper
check what PC's in back room still work
throw out old/broken pc's
buy drinks/snacks/...

new location?[edit]

We can always look out for a better space location. Current location has drawbacks and is fairly expensive. Finding anything better is not easy, however.

Meeting Notes[edit]


Jeroen wants access to the hosting. Oh look, Jeroen just got access. Hooray for Jeroen!! And Jeej for Hans for providing hosting! Even better: Jeroen updated the wiki just now. Again, Hooray for Jeroen!



28-29-30 march


* We (still) have posters.
* Hans made patches (pdf), gave them to Thys.
* Thys will have them printed tomorrow (and cut)
* Bert will be at space tomorrow afternoon to help cut/stick patches to the posters.
* Posters needs to be at Fosdem, someone take them


* headhunt @ Fosdem
* CFP mail has been sent to HSG Mailinglist


* Bert will do social media stuff
* Talk to your peers!


* Erik checked -> there might be 2 rooms. Landlady wil only be able to tell us 1 week in advance :(
* Ask MaisonRouge for rooms
* Print paper and hang it outside, and ask people if we can use their room the 29th.


* Food -> Els will make muffins. Pancakes, Spaghetti
* Prices: Make them higher, but still low. aka fair and profitable.

Call For Help[edit]

We need people that feel like helping out with:

* Merchendising - Do we want to bother print T-shirts? What'll be the profit?
* We want someone to design a new logo.


We accept sponsoring, but do not allow items to be put on the website. Sponsors do sponsor the event, not the space! Possible sponsors

* ycombinator
* iminds
* your employee?

Where Do I put stuff I did=[edit]

* The wiki: http://www.0x20.be/Newline_2014_organisation



* Bank forgot have a paper signed.
* As a result the bank card is blocked.
* Paper needs to be signed
* People do not respond on emails
* Thys will get paper from the bank, and have people sign it at the space so people do not need to get time to go to bank.


* Koen & bert get new statusreport on next meeting


* No new ones :(


* KILL THE FUCKING FIRE when you leave!!!!!
* Thys: needs big heavy curtains as insulations (divide the space).

Space control & electricity[edit]

* We need to contact person to verify/certify power at space
* There is a thingy 'spacecontrol' people need to finish & document it.


* History repeats itself, Thys is going to finish this :)
* WE HAVE A PROJECT MANAGER! - Bert! The flipflaps-manager

Food & drinks[edit]

* chips
* Snickers
* twix
* mars
* m&m's
* whatever
* Jupiler (Lots of it)
* Duvel
* Coke
* Ice tea
* printerpaper

Mike will go to the collruyt

Hans will provide ClubMate, he needs car. weekend after fosdem.

New location[edit]

* voices go up (again) to look for an alternative to this space, and go rent another one.
* Feel free to propose a better space.
* Pointless of talking about this without an alternative



Why we have Dommel?

* used to be cheap,
* unlimited download
* There was no telenet possible at the time
* fixed IP
* Expensive. (50-ish)

We need to install a real router able to provide the needs of this network.

Painting of the space[edit]

Hooray for Els !


* Stickers are finished , hans will get them


* one printer needs fixing, prolly resetting it
* Space needs to be cleaned
* Test all the stuf in the back and throw away broken things - thys


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