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  * Talk to your peers!
  * Talk to your peers!
  * Erik checked -> there might be 2 trooms. Landlady wil only be able to tell us 1 week in advance :(
  * Erik checked -> there might be 2 trooms. Landlady wil only be able to tell us 1 week in advance :(
  * Ask MaisonRouge for rooms
  * Ask MaisonRouge for rooms

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Note: this article is about a passed event.

On 2014/01/30
Presenters (2):
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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«Meeting, mostly about Newline»


Starting time: 19:30 - ish :D


Status? Tasks to distribute?




New members to allow?

Insulation & energy

Did we find free stuff?

Space control & electricity

-> crack the whip and reboot the space control project


not a failboat after all

small things to do

sticker status
make printer operational again (probably total reset)
buy printer paper
check what PC's in back room still work
throw out old/broken pc's
buy drinks/snacks/...

new location?

We can always look out for a better space location. Current location has drawbacks and is fairly expensive. Finding anything better is not easy, however.

Meeting Notes


Jeroen wants access to the hosting. Oh look, Jeroen just got access. Hooray for Jeroen!! And Jeej for Hans for providing hosting! Even better: Jeroen updated the wiki just now. Again, Hooray for Jeroen!



28-29-30 march


* We (still) have posters.
* Hans made patches (pdf), gave them to Thys.
* Thys will have them printed tomorrow (and cut)
* Bert will be at space tomorrow afternoon to help cut/stick patches to the posters.
* Posters needs to be at Fosdem, someone take them


* headhunt @ Fosdem
* CFP mail has been sent to HSG Mailinglist


* Bert will do social media stuff
* Talk to your peers!


* Erik checked -> there might be 2 trooms. Landlady wil only be able to tell us 1 week in advance :(
* Ask MaisonRouge for rooms
* Print paper and hang it outside, and ask people if we can use their room the 29th.


* Food -> Els will make muffins. Pancakes, Spaghetti
* Prices: Make them higher, but still low. aka fair and profitable.

Call For Help

We need people that feel like helping out with:

* Merchendising - Do we want to bother print T-shirts? What'll be the profit?
* We want someone to design a new logo.


We accept sponsoring, but do not allow items to be put on the website. Sponsors do sponsor the event, not the space! Possible sponsors

* ycombinator
* iminds
* your employee?

Where Do I put stuff I did=

* The wiki: http://www.0x20.be/Newline_2014_organisation



* Bank forgot have a paper signed.
* As a result the bank card is blocked.
* Paper needs to be signed
* People do not respond on emails
* Thys will get paper from the bank, and have people sign it at the space so people do not need to get time to go to bank.


* Koen & bert get new statusreport on next meeting


* No new ones :(


* KILL THE FUCKING FIRE when you leave!!!!!
* Thys: needs big heavy curtains as insulations (divide the space).

Space control & electricity

* We need to contact person to verify/certify power at space
* There is a thingy 'spacecontrol' people need to finish & document it.


* History repeats itself, Thys is going to finish this :)
* WE HAVE A PROJECT MANAGER! - Bert! The flipflaps-manager

Food & drinks

* chips
* Snickers
* twix
* mars
* m&m's
* whatever
* Jupiler (Lots of it)
* Duvel
* Coke
* Ice tea
* printerpaper

Mike will go to the collruyt

Hans will provide ClubMate, he needs car. weekend after fosdem.

New location

* voices go up (again) to look for an alternative to this space, and go rent another one.
* Feel free to propose a better space.
* Pointless of talking about this without an alternative



Why we have Dommel?

* used to be cheap,
* unlimited download
* There was no telenet possible at the time
* fixed IP
* Expensive. (50-ish)

We need to install a real router able to provide the needs of this network.

Painting of the space

Hooray for Els !


* Stickers are finished , hans will get them


* one printer needs fixing, prolly resetting it
* Space needs to be cleaned
* Test all the stuf in the back and throw away broken things - thys


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