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Note: this article is about a passed event.

On 2013/11/21
Presenters (2):
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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«Meeting, mostly about Financial status»


Starting time: 19:30


It's bad! Monthly fixed kost:

150 Gas, Water, Electricity
314 Rent
47.3 Internet

Totalling 511.3 Euro's.

Monthly fixed revenue:

260 Membership-fees.

Conclusion: We have a fixed negative of 251.3 Euro's/month. Which makes it possible to hold out another 3 months... but won't be enough to make it trough Q1 of 2014. This needs fixing, or we'll need to close shop.

This calculation is not taking Food & Drinks expenses and revenue in account. Reason: We currently have no clue how much we gain from it.

Imho (mimor) Fixed costs should be covered with fixed revenue... Revenue from food & drinks should be used to do/buy cool stuff to improve the space!

Treasure chest: running close to empty. Will disclose numbers at the meeting.

Possible fixes:

 * Get money from external. EG. introducing Mega-Super-Honor-Membership for company's that want to support IT and evolution in Flanders/Belgium/world.
 * Make 10 members pay more money/month as we did when we started the space.
 * etc... Feel free to add your own feasible proposals.


Bert C. needs a key

5 membership request in pandora's box... Approve them if the people are present.

From previous meeting:We need a better documented procedure on how people can cancel their membership. eg. give back key, notify finance? people so we no longer need to check payments from them & remove their login from systems.


All the fancy stuff we want:

  • Stock management
  • Keymanager on all our systems (and remove password logins)
  • Member-tracking-system (privacy has to be kept in mind)
  • Smartspace (turn all stuff off when no-one is in the space)

What was the result of Member-payment-tracking hackday/workshop?

Insulation & energy[edit]

Finding free stuff (see previous meeting) is wip.

Space control & electricity[edit]

Status? We need to get the changes approved/checked asap.


Fixored! Horray for Yvan @ Koen!

Also, problem + fix were documented in the Wiki.


Thijs will have 5 extra keys made.

Meeting Notes[edit]


  • Some members pledged to double their monthly membership-fee.

So far these people are: Mimor, Bert, Sandb, Christophe Other people are welcome to join in. Note that this does not bring any privileges whatsoever.

  • We'll accept external moneys, on the conditions they do not ask too much in return.

Next-up: finding people/businesses that want to become Premium awesomeness member.

  • Bert proposed to give a, to-pay-for postgresql course (2days).
  • We should look for sponsoring when organising Newline.

Jasper will check if he can get some info on how this should be organised.

  • Christophe is also willing to donate 70 euro's to buy stickers for the space.

The flip-side is that he has no time to organise the making/printing of stickers. So if someone can make this their project, that would be cool!

  • We need to get more members.


  • Else wasn't able to be present during the meeting, but she had a valid excuse.

It has been voted, and she has been approved as an official member. She already has a key.

  • Bert C. has been seen around at the space and has several people vouching for his membership approval.

As soon as he pays the membership fee, he has the right to a key and the title of official member.

  • Michael has already done quite some cool things for the space.

This made multiple people vouch for his membership-approval. As soon as he pays the membership fee, he has the right to a key and the title of official member.

Congratulations to the new members we like to welcome you!


All the things on the list plus these new ones:

  • A VPN so we can connect from anywhere to the space.
  • Lasercutter


  • Jasper will ask his uncle for bubble wrap


Satus: unknown, Koenraad was not present


10 new keys have been made extra. Thank you Thys for completing this.


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