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Note: this article is about a passed event.

On 2013/11/21
Presenters (2):
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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«Meeting, mostly about Financial status»


Starting time: 19:30


It's bad! Monthly fixed kost:

150 Gas, Water, Electricity
314 Rent
47.3 Internet

Totalling 511.3 Euro's.

Monthly fixed revenue:

260 Membership-fees.

Conclusion: We have a fixed negative of 251.3 Euro's/month. Which makes it possible to hold out another 3 months... but won't be enough to make it trough Q1 of 2014. This needs fixing, or we'll need to close shop.

This calculation is not taking Food & Drinks expenses and revenue in account. Reason: We currently have no clue how much we gain from it.

Imho (mimor) Fixed costs should be covered with fixed revenue... Revenue from food & drinks should be used to do/buy cool stuff to improve the space!

Treasure chest: running close to empty. Will disclose numbers at the meeting.

Possible fixes:

 * Get money from external. EG. introducing Mega-Super-Honor-Membership for company's that want to support IT and evolution in Flanders/Belgium/world.
 * Make 10 members pay more money/month as we did when we started the space.
 * etc... Feel free to add your own feasible proposals.


Bert C. needs a key

5 membership request in pandora's box... Approve them if the people are present.

From previous meeting:We need a better documented procedure on how people can cancel their membership. eg. give back key, notify finance? people so we no longer need to check payments from them & remove their login from systems.


All the fancy stuff we want:

  • Stock management
  • Keymanager on all our systems (and remove password logins)
  • Member-tracking-system (privacy has to be kept in mind)
  • Smartspace (turn all stuff off when no-one is in the space)

What was the result of Member-payment-tracking hackday/workshop?

Insulation & energy

Finding free stuff (see previous meeting) is wip.

Space control & electricity

Status? We need to get the changes approved/checked asap.


Fixored! Horray for Yvan @ Koen!

Also, problem + fix were documented in the Wiki.


Thijs will have 5 extra keys made.


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