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|End date=yyyy/mm/dd 23:59:59
|End date=yyyy/mm/dd 23:59:59
|Short description=meeting nr 126

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Presenters (1):
abe sandb bert hans koen koenraat
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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«meeting nr 126»


  • No new members
  • Cleaning catering day 21 october 3 pm: abe sandb koenraat
  • Container park run: date to be decided
  • Get food: Koenraat
  • 13 november: Mitch Altman
    • Make somme noise
    • Sandb will make a poster
    • Mathias will print them
    • Bert will distribute
    • Do we have sufficient soldering irons?


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