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Meeting Notes

Meeting notes:

  • welcome all
  • No notes on last meeting.
  • Vzw setup: a bit slacking. Someone do the copy/paste
  • Househunt : had another short talk with K. He was still up to it. Will come over next week.
  • We're motivated to get our own space, decentralized ownership.
  • We need to do a count for ppl that take commitment in paying dues.


  • Who's really committed in paying a membership fee?
  • who wants to help setup hsghent, financially.
  • situation input output
  • Who's up for it

Next meet @ 0x20 / ppl think about workshops

  • java workshop
  • python
  • talk google summer of code
  • button of pizza


  • Mate follow up. (hans)
  • Do statutes and release them
  • long mail / members / membership / use of the space commitment.
  • Beamer follow up

∘ Not that bright needed ∘ Reasonably quiet ∘ Dvi-input ∘ Ceiling mount.