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* [[Project Furniture]]: Tables and chairs in the space
* [[Project Accommodation]]: Tables and chairs in the space
** Get some furniture going!
** Get some furniture going!

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Note: this article is about a passed event.

On 2010/01/20
Attendees (8):
Jeroen De Dauw, Kurt Van Houtte, Fs111, Hans, Koen, User:Sandb, Stefan Lambrecht, Johannes
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«19:30 @ blekerijstraat 75 / lokaal 1.21 it's on the first floor, you walk through the gate, go up the stairs and follow the path to the end of the hallway. It's the last door on the left.»

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We have a (temp) space!!!

Name: whitespace,

Dns name: 0x20.be; hans will register it with the 10-euro guy

Temporary space @ Kurts place in Blekerijstraat 75 - possible extension to other space at end of march - hail Kurt

Access to the space:

  • Key to the door inside: normal key, we can make copies
  • Garage entrance: requires a transponder?
    • (AP) We should ask for 2 extra; they have require a warranty of 80 euro; Kurt will ask, Sandb will pay for the warranty;

Make space in the space

Kurt will try to move/remove some of the stuff currently in the space in the next two weeks.

Possibly going for extra storage:

  • Rent lower space for 80 euros as a storage space (so Kurt can store his stuff there)?
    • It's a 1 year contract, we need it for like 4 months max
  • Or check with Tobias if he knows spaces;
    • China straat / Afrikalaan?

Project plans:


  • Project Flappers
    • Tobias has some old train station mechanical displays
    • We could make it work as a computer controllable display.
    • We would need to buy materials like chips, wires, etc, check with Tobias if he is willing to fund that
  • Project VZW
    • We get a copy of the statutes of HSB: digitally or even plain print or pdf
    • We do a search and replace to fit it to Whitespace
    • We submit ASAP to get the VZW thing going
    • Preferably already next meeting

Meeting next week

Kurt is at Dorkbot.

  • We can get the transponder and key Tuesday afternoon at Timelab next to the Vooruit.
  • We need to return the keys immediately after the meeting to Kurts letterbox in Ooilampstraat 15, near Van Eyk swimming pool.
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