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When: 17 december om 19:00,

Tarwestraat 33,
9000 Ghent [1]


Meeting notes

Location location location

  • abbey guy: very quite, probably no go
  • eskimo: no go
  • blekerijstraat:
    • kurt, no news there: seems like the best option
    • next door: leerpunt: possibility to get big space for introductionary workshop
  • bram de jong -> univ space -> souns very interesting


  • check with kurt -> ?
  • follow up with bram -> ?

spread the word

  • barcamp ghent
    • twitter: bc3c
    • if we can , go , make publicity, everybody subscribe(d)!! (we are on the reserve list :( )
    • its on at Zaterdag, 19 december 2009
  • cross posting and link spamming
    • post workshops in HSB on HSG mailing list


  • for a name: we had again the discussion about 'hackerspace ghent'
  • we're going to look for a location, and hope the location inspires a nice name. (the waterfront, 'next tot the pittabar', ....)


  • action points:
    • get free account Argenta -> tazo
    • put up account number on wiki so people can fund -> tazo

Next meetings

  • goal to achieve: having a space online 21st of March
  • for January meetings in TimeLab
    • January bad time to start for students (exams)
    • exams are over +/- begin februari
    • last Wednesday of January?
    • do preliminary meets and preliminary workshops in January
  • Wednesday is going to be the Tech-tuesdays-day. Make that tech-Wednesdays
  • next meeting:
    • 6th of January,
    • at time lab (if ok / to be confirmed by Kurt)