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  • 00:15:af:41:b1:77 = Koen's netbook wireless
  • 00:14:0b:3d:af:cb = Koen's netbook wired
  • 20:cf:30:92:22:b9 = Koen's phone

Unsorted note's on projects I'm working on

Youtube VLC issue

Solution was found here: http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=89164 The approuch using the compiled version of the lua file failed on my configuration.

cd /usr/lib/vlc/lua/playlist
sudo mv youtube.luac youtube.luac.backup
sudo wget http://outbreakmonkey.org/downloads/youtubelua.zip
sudo unzip youtubelua.zip



install djmount from repos.

sudo mkdir /mnt/upnp
sudo chmod 777 /mnt/upnp
sudo djmount -o allow_other /mnt/upnp

It seems to be needed to chmod to 777 to allow us to see the files on the upnp correctly. A system admin type got a better solution/explanation? Now we create a link to our MPD folder.

ln -s /mnt/upnp uPNP

Then install incron from repos to monitor changes in the filesystem we will use this to monitor the uPNP folder. First we need to add root to /etc/incorn.allow file.

$ cat /proc/cmdline  

http://inotify.aiken.cz/?section=incron&page=doc&lang=en http://www.straightnochaser.org/2007/06/upnp-av-streaming-in-ubuntu-with-a-d-link-dns-323/

to make djmount start at boot the following was added to /etc/rc.local

djmount /data/music -o allow_other &

look into fstab to make djmount start automatically

djmount /media/UPnP fuse ro,allow_other 0 0 





Who is this?

Public Key

ssh-dss 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 koen@kickseed

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