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== describe ==
<!-- The contents of this section was auto-generated by the "describe" parser hook of the Validator extension. -->

'''Description''': Generates documentation for one or more parser hooks defined via Validator.

Implemented as both parser function and as tag extension.

=== Parameters ===

{| class="wikitable sortable"
! #
| 1
| hooks
| hook
| list of texts
| listerrors, describe, coordinates, display_map, distance, finddestination, geocode, geodistance, mapsdoc, layer, smwdoc, info
| The parser hooks for which to display documentation.
| -
| pre
| -
| yes/no
| no
| Allows you to get the actual wikitext for the documentation, without it being rendered on the page.
| -
| language
| -
| text
| en
| The language to display the descriptions in

=== Syntax ===

'''Tag extension with only the required parameters.'''

<describe />

'''Tag extension with all parameters.'''

<describe hooks="{list of texts}" pre="{yes/no}" language="{text}" />

'''Tag extension with all parameters using the default parameter notation.'''

<describe pre="{yes/no}" language="{text}">{hooks, list of texts}</describe>

'''Parser function with only the required parameters.'''


'''Parser function with all parameters.'''

{{#describe:hooks={list of texts}|pre={yes/no}|language={text}}}

'''Parser function with all parameters using the default parameter notation.'''

{{#describe:{hooks, list of texts}|pre=yes/no|language=text}}