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possible Locations[edit]

gent, dok[edit]

  • easy for logistics

Gent Wintercircus[edit]

  • Check with gentm ppl


  • need to find some derelict building
  • international airport close by, so easy for international guests

Youth Camp site[edit]


Viable Candidates[edit]

Random farmland[edit]

Ask a random farmer to use/rent his grazing land and schuur/koterijen for a bit

brussels hs[edit]

  • big-garage as main conference hall + hsbxl as hangout + ptr_'s place + garage for hosting ppl
  • use small parc nextdoors for tent ?


  • abandoned school where Bulex party was given, need to find out exact location.
  • hangar42(?) near water, kaaitheater
  • fort4(?) near antwerp, goa parties place, ilias has more info


  • build a sauna to freshen up the brain cells.