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HackerspaceFest 2012[edit]

a festival to keep our ideas about hackerspaces & community fresh and dynamic

Next meetup[edit]

  • http://piratepad.net/hsf2012 HSF2012/Org/Meeting1 CCCamp day 3 (12 aug 2011), HansHansHans village -- 20h/20h30
  • 9 sept 2011 17h -- Ghent & asterisk
  • we want to discuss locations, please look around to what you think would be a good location, check cost/possibilities/possible pitfalls, post them on HSF2012/Infrastructure and present them on this meeting.

(our plan is to have a monthly IRL/IRC meetup to coordinate initiatives)

Possible dates[edit]

  • at the meeting we said: June-isch, let us see for locations first and see what dates are available.
  • hsf2009 was end of June (easier for students etc) -> so 22/23/24 june or 29/30 jun - 1 aug
  • 9/10 June (easier to find locations than juli/august, 11th is a .be holiday)
  • First of May (Mayday! hmmm it's a tuesday ...)


  • infrastructure (space, water, elec, network, ..)
  • agenda (date/time, CFP, talks, events, party,...)
  • food/drinks
  • a-PR: (reach out, Design / logo / flyer...)

previous editions[edit]