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Gatekeeper is a Python script that opens a gate when calling to +32493604143. It only opens the gate for whitelisted numbers. The hardware used:

  • A beagle board with a Debian based distro on, kindly donated by Bert.
  • A remote controller for the gate connected to the beagle board
    • pin 28: black
    • pin 24: white
    • pin 1 (bottom): red
  • A Huawei e220 GSM modem with a SIM card to

Connecting to the BeagleBoard

  • ssh -p 2222

Ideas, Feedback and Comments

Add your own!

  • We can make the door opening for all people on Thursday, and only for members on the others...? @Jorin: Is this pythonable?
  • We can sound a alarm when ppl call the number but aren't members, then someone can go outside and pen the door.

pinout on the beagleboard towards the gate opener: