Friday work from space III

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Note: this article is about a passed event.

Friday work from space III
From 2012/01/30 08:00 to 2012/01/30 18:00
Attendees (1):
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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«On monday we won't strike. We will work. And make this a better world. And that all from space!»

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On monday Whitespace will open it's door and become a co-working space. Feel all welcome to join us, and work from Ghent in stead of hitting serious traffic jams in and around Brussels due to the strike.


I'm not a member, I've never been to your space, can I come?

   Feel more than welcome to drop by our doors are open for everyone. 

So where is it?

   Check this page 

How Much does it cost to work a day there?

   It's free, but donations are always appreciated 

How does this co-working thing work?

   Well, I'm not sure. I guess you show up, do some work, maybe grab some sandwiches over noon. We have a coffee machine, a watercooler and an ashtray (outside), so there's bound to be some social interaction. 

So basically I just show up?

   Might want to bring a laptop, or some paper and pencils. Or whatever you need to get the job done.


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