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* Stuff needed:
* Stuff needed:
- 2 AP
** 2 AP
- female rj45 (+- 10 would be already good)
** female rj45 (+- 10 would be already good)

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Note: this article is about a passed event.

Build the network
From 2010/10/22 19:30:00 to 2010/10/22 23:59:59

Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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  • Stuff needed:
    • 2 AP
    • female rj45 (+- 10 would be already good)

Mail send out to the ML:


I'm proposing to build the netwerk this Friday in 0x20.  Or does somebody want to use the space for an event then?

What needs to be done:

* Router:
- replace the dlink with the Soekris, running Linux
- dhcp
- dns
- openvpn
- dn42
- glue it together with iptables

* Wifi:
- flash 2 wireless devices with OpenWRT and set them up as Acces Points

* Physical:
- does someone has access to some female rj45 connectors?
- deploy some permanent wires

Info will be put here:

Somebody else want to join?
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