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No idea what has happened before, but the end result is, barman doesn't work anymore and the raspberry pi didn't work so well anymore. So I fixed it!
Carroarmato0, biertie
Fix Revbank/Barman

The raspberry pi is runnin Debian Wheezy for the Pi.

hostname: barman user: barman pass: unicorns

I installed mdns, so you can just ssh to it no matter what the IP is: ping barman.local or ssh barman@barman.local

Barman connects to kimball to the revbank account through ssh keys. Upon login, the revbank application gets launched.

Barman is set to auto login to the account. This is done by adding the following line to /etc/inittab:

1:2345:respawn:/bin/login -f barman tty1 </dev/tty1> /dev/tty1 2>&1

There is a script in the home, called via the following code in .bashrc, account called which will be executed everytime upon login.

if [[ -n $SSH_CONNECTION ]]; then
  echo "Not executing barman..."
  exec ./

If you connect to barman through ssh, that script will NOT be executed so you can manage it. Something handy to remember in the future about the Barcode Scanner, if it prints our random symbols instead of numbers, you need to set the layout to Belgian on the scanner itself. There are codes available in the online doc which you can use to set it.